Matrix Total Results Brass Off Toning Mask 200ml

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The Brass Off Toning Mask is part of the blue pigmented Total Results range by Matrix. It helps repair and protect fragile hair whilst reducing brassy orange tones. Perfect for lightened brunette and balayaged hair from between levels 5 to 8.


The professional Brass Off Toning Mask with custom neutralisation from Total Results, Matrix is a colour depositing toning mask that removes unwanted brassy tones that result from lightening brunette hair. Achieve up to 10 times less breakage when you use it with the Brass Off system and keep chemically processed hair healthy and looking its best. Created for brunettes who love their cool tones.

What does it do?:

The Brass Off Toning Mask helps repair and protect fragile hair from the damage caused by heat styling and chemical processing whilst helping brunette hair reflect light and retain its cool tones.

Suitable for colour treated and natural hair.

Used by professionals in salons on brunettes that want to obtain ash brunette, ice brown, espresso, chocolate etc

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What’s in it?

The toning mask is highly pigmented with blue and violet pigments – the opposite tones to orange on the colour spectrum.

It also contains vitamin oil for protecting and improving the quality of the hair.

How to use:

The luxuriously thick and rich formula means you can apply to hair precisely for a more targeted application. After using Total Results Brass Off shampoo, evenly apply and comb through wet hair wearing colour-proof gloves. (No need to put it directly on the scalp as it can stain much like a hair toner.)

Leave the mask on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes to soak in depending on how much toning is desired then rinse it out.

Also available in sachet size.

Follow with Blonde Threesome Leave-In Cream for best results.

(Not for daily use).

Part of The Brass Off Range




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